About the Firm

Areas of Practice

Capitalizing on our experience and commitment to stellar client service, the Law Office of Jesse Rosenblatt is a dynamic, full service law firm, counseling clients with respect to transactional matters in all areas of Entertainment and Digital Media, including Film, Television, Online, Mobile, Music Licensing, Advertising and Promotions.

The firm also handles Corporate, LLC and other Business matters, Employment, Independent Contractor and related Personal Services agreements, Intellectual Property issues and various General Legal matters and transactions.

How We Are Different From Other Law Firms

Clients of the Law Office of Jesse Rosenblatt are always given premium representation and the swift, personal attention that they deserve, in a cost effective manner. The firm always works to find innovative solutions customized to each client's needs. Without the bloated staffing and significant overhead costs which often find their way into the billing rates at many large law firms, we are confident we can help you successfully fit any project into your allotted budget for legal representation. We also have the diverse knowledge base needed to enter the deal making process for you early on, in order to handle the business negotiations and help ensure you get favorable deal terms before the legal contract even comes into play.

What We Offer

  • Business & Legal Affairs Services / Representation of Entertainment Companies
  • With over 10 years experience working both in-house and with top tier law firms, the Law Office of Jesse Rosenblatt provides to entertainment, online, and media companies the option of high caliber legal and business affairs services for projects often handled in-house. The firm strives to help clients dependably and efficiently out-source their work at highly competitive rates.
  • Representation of Talent and Other Creative Individuals / Companies
  • With extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the various segments of the entertainment and digital media industries (from both an in-house and outside counsel perspective), the Law Office of Jesse Rosenblatt can effectively advise and provide services to talent and other creative individuals / companies, while staying within their budget for representation.
  • General Legal Representation
  • With broad and diverse outside counsel experience, advising clients across various industries, the Law Office of Jesse Rosenblatt represents clients of all sizes in connection with their day-to-day business and legal matters, including business formation and governance, employment agreements and intellectual property issues.

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