Below is a sample of the types of services offered by the Law Office of Jesse Rosenblatt.

If you require other services, as this list is not exhaustive, please click here to contact us to see if we can be of assistance.

Film & Television

Authorship, Engagement & Results & Proceeds Certificates
Chain of Title Analysis
Clearance Issues
Content Acquisition / Disposition
Content Licensing
Deal Memos
Delivery Issues
Development & Co-Development
Due Diligence
Financing & Co-Financing
Finders Deals
Independent Filmmaker Representation
International Licensing
Investment Deals
Letters of Credit
Location Agreements
Music Licensing
Negative Pickups
Output Deals
Participation Deals
Production & Post-Production Services
(Including Actors, Composers, Directors, Producers, Writers & other Above-the-Line & Below-The-Line Agreements)
Production & Co-Production Deals
Rights Acquisitions / Dispositions (Including Book, Life Story & Screenplay Options, Purchases & Quitclaims)
Sales Agents Deals
Strategic Business Consulting
Submission Forms

Internet, Digital, New Media & Mobile
Agreements for Provision of Online Services
Content Deals
Digital Rights Distribution
(Including Download-To-Own, Download-To-Rent, Electronic Sell-Through, IP-TV, Mobile, Podcasting, Streaming & Video-On-Demand)
Domain Name Acquisitions, Assignments & Dispositions
Privacy Policies
Subscription Agreements
Strategic Business Consulting
Terms of Use
Website Agreements
Corporate, LLC & Other Business Matters
Acquisition / Sale Agreements
Bills of Sale
Corporate Governance Documents (Including Bylaws, Consents to Action, Meeting Minutes, Resolutions & Operating Agreements)
Due Diligence
Formation of Business Entities
Joint Ventures
Letters of Intent
LLC Member Arrangements
Mergers & Acquisitions
Non-Disclosure Documents
Partnership Agreements
Shareholder Agreements
Stock Purchase Agreements
Strategic Business Consulting

Intellectual Property
Brand Acquisitions / Dispositions
Confidentiality Agreements
Copyright Licensing
Due Diligence
Music Licensing
Publishing Agreements
Rights Acquisitions / Dispositions (Including Book, Life Story & Screenplay Options, Purchases & Quitclaims)
Strategic Business Consulting
Promotions & Advertising
Branding & Branded Entertainment
Content Review
Product Placements
Prize Supplier Deals
Review of Ad Copy
Spokesperson Deals
Sponsorship Deals
Strategic Business Consulting
Sweepstakes & Contest Issues
Website Agreements

Personal Services
Certificates of Engagement
Confidentiality Agreements
Employee Agreements
Endorsement Deals
Independent Contractor Deals
Sponsorship Agreements
Statements of Work
Work for Hire Issues